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Ultimate Triathlon Wetsuit

The Volare V3 wetsuit is every triathlete's dream. The V3 wetsuit is designed for swimming and triathlon and it enhances your swimming while keeping you warm. It has to be felt to be believed.


The V3 construction is enhanced by Yamamoto’s latest Grey SCS Aerodrome. Delivering increased buoyancy, while the nano-coating reduces drag. The underarm flex panel allows for unrestricted swimming motion that has to be felt to be believed providing unparalleled mobility in the swim stroke.


Having feel for the water is paramount and the 1.5mm arm panels literally feel like a second skin. The thinner panels provides increased fell for water. Reducing the buoyancy in your arms results in less arm fatigue, as you’re not fighting the inherent buoyancy of a thicker neoprene during your swim stroke.


Volare has eliminated that “claustrophobic” feeling found in most swimming wetsuits, by developing a low cut neckline that is both comfortable and watertight. Testing of competitor products established that unfinished or raw edge necklines, while comfortable did not provide the longevity expected for triathletes and swimmers. Opting for an ultra-thin 1.5mm Yamamoto #40 neoprene, which offers the perfect blend of flexibility and longevity.


Fast swimming counts for nothing if you are stuck in T1. A YKK breakaway zipper allows you to quickly unzip and the addition of a 2mm panel insert into the lower leg dramatically improves wetsuit removal and transition speed.


Designed for a wide range of body types and activities, Volare understands that sometimes things need to be adjusted if we were all the same life would be no fun.


Heat seal seams in both the arms and legs, allow for up to 6cm of individual adjustment. The heated sealed seams allows for a clean cut and customisation of your suit.

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