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V1 Wetsuit
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The Volare V1 wetsuit is designed specifically for swimming and triathlon. Its neon yellow arms and leg panels make the suit highly visible in the water. Making this suit ideal for open water swimming, triathlon and surf lifesaving. In a sea of black neoprene, you will be sure to standout from the crowd. 

  • Best in class value
  • Yamamoto Neoprene
  • High Visibility Neon Yellow Arms and leg panels for open water safety
  • Extremely flexible ensuring a natural range of motion while swimming
  • Transition leg panels for rapid suit removal 
  • YKK Zipper

Yamamoto has been the worlds leading manufacturer of neoprene since 1961. Yamamoto neoprene is derived from limestone, unlike most neoprenes that are petroleum based. The resulting cell structure absorbs dramatically less water, offers superior insulation and unparalleled mobility in the swim stroke.

The main body panels utilise 3mm Yamamoto, which provides warmth to the body and improves a swimmers overall body position by providing enhanced buoyancy.

Key movement areas such as the arms utilise 2mm neoprene, ensuring a relaxed swim stroke, which helps minimise fatigue.

Wetsuit Sizing V1

We have eliminated that “claustrophobic” feeling found in most wetsuits, by developing a low cut neckline that is both comfortable and watertight. Testing of competitor products established that unfinished or raw edge necklines, while comfortable did not provide the longevity expected for triathletes and swimmers. 

Fast swimming counts for nothing if you’re stuck in T1. The addition of a 2mm panel inserted into the lower leg, dramatically improves transition speed.

  • Put on your tri suit or chosen race gear. Covering skin reduces friction, making it easier to slide into your wetsuit.  
  • Use a small plastic bag to place over your feet and hands. Simply put the bag over your foot and slide through your foot, then simply remove bag. Repeat
  • Try on when you are dry and in a cool place. Avoid trying on when you are sweaty or wet as this increases friction and makes achieving a perfect fit much harder.
  • Use thin gloves and pull suit between your finger pads. Pull material up a few cm at time, never rush it's not a race. Never use your fingernails; high performance suits can be easily damaged.


  • Rinse in freshwater after every swim.
  • Avoid drying your suit in direct sunlight. 
  • Soft fold when storing and avoid using a coat hanger on your suit. Extended storage on a coat hanger, will result in damage to your suits shoulders


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