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Wetsuit Care

Fingernails - Fingernails can damage high performance neoprene when putting on or removing your wetsuit.  Use caution and use gloves to put your suit on if unsure.

Gloves – Gloves are supplied with most suit models. Thin gloves are a great investment, especially for athletes with long fingernails. Gloves will protect your suit from accidental damage. As you become more confident at fitting your suit, gloves may no longer be necessary.

Jewellery – We recommend removing jewellery, watches or any items that could potentially snag on your suit before fitting.

Exchange - Please note that all suits are new and undamaged when shipped from our warehouse. You are the first person to try on this quality-checked product. Any fingernail nicks, tears or damage to the suit will mean that we cannot exchange or refund the item. (See Exchange Policy For More Detail)

After Swimming - Rinse your wetsuit in fresh water after every use.

Drying - Dry your suit inside out and use a wide wooden or large plastic hanger. Never hang your suit in direct sunlight.

Storage - When the wetsuit is dry, store in a cool room and away from direct sunlight. Do not leave your wetsuit on “any” coat hanger for extended periods. Hanging on a coat hanger will result in damage to the wetsuits shoulders over time, which is not covered by warranty. It is recommended to soft fold the suit when storing and ensure no items are placed on top of your suit.

Transport - Roll the wetsuit up to transport or fold with a towel in the middle of the suit to avoid potential creases – Do not fold or place heavy objects on it. 

Pool Swimming - Exposure to Chlorine will degrade and shorten the life of the suit and void your warranty. Should you swim in a pool, thoroughly rinse your wetsuit to minimize the effects of any harsh chemicals.

Tears - Avoid wetsuit contact with sharp or abrasive objects. Note: small tears can be repaired easily by using neoprene cement/glue. Fingernail nicks and small tears are purely cosmetic and easily fixable.

Use - Volare wetsuits are for swimming and designed specifically to be hydro dynamically efficient. Triathlon wetsuits and swimming wetsuits are not designed for surfing and high abrasion activities.

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