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Waterproof Tablet Case

Designer: Volare Sports


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Volare submersible technology cases allow you to take your technology with you and are 100% waterproof to a depth of 20 ft. These robust cases offer far more than just protection, they allow you to capture your adventure on film, snap that perfect selfie while swimming, have clear communication in windy or wet conditions and your devices functions remain fully functional through our TPU case.

While it’s nice to escape from technology, it’s also smart to have the ability to connect with friends, family or emergency services if required.

 It’s also nice to know that no matter what the weather dishes out or whatever conditions you face on your next adventure, be it mud, sand, dirt, or snow your device is safely protected.

Key Features:
  • 100% Waterproof Case 
  • Floats
  • Waterproof to 6 metres 20 ft (IP68)
  • Neck Lanyard
  • Protects tablets from sand, salt, dirt, dust, snow, sand, mud and water
  • Transparent front and rear camera window
  • TPU construction
  • Padded back provides flotation and protection
  • High frequency welded
  • Touch screen capable
  • Universal design fits most tablets
    Size Guide:


    Waterproof Seal:

    Firmly slide the locking tabs to the middle of the case. To open push them to the outside of the case. 

    • HF welded seams
    • TPU Material

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    Volare 100% Waterproof Cases

    In order for this Volare® case to be 100% waterproof, it must be sealed as per the following instructions.


    Before every use we recommend you perform an initial waterproof test.

    Closing the Case

    Step 1: Before every use place a tissue inside and close the sliders firmly to the locked position.

    • Submerge the case in water so that it is completely covered.
    • Bubbles will initially escape from the clip and then stop.
    • Squeeze the case softly, you should not see a constant stream of bubbles. If this does occur do not use the case.
    • Completely dry case before reopening.

    Step 2: Insert your device, ensure it is the correct size and not overly tight.

    Step 3: Firmly secure the sliders into the locked position.

     Opening the Case:

    Never open in or underwater. Dry the case before opening and hold case so the clip is facing the ground. This will ensure any water drops that may be in the clip will fall away from the case and your device.


    Our warranty covers the Volare case only and does not cover any items you may put inside it. We recommend that you insure contents separately. We offer a no fuss 12 months warranty against case defects and should you in testing discover a defect we will happily replace the case at no cost.


    The cases are made from TPU which is very strong, however it can still be punctured or damaged in extreme situations. Use common sense and avoid sharp objects, abrasive surfaces and rinse salt, sand and debris away with fresh water after use. Test the case before use and we recommend replacing it every 12 - 18 months depending on use. Do not pull apart the clip to hard as this will rip the material and the case will be broken.


    We independently test all our cases to the Ingress Protection (IP) Rating System and our waterproof cases meet the IP68 Standard. This means they are waterproof to a depth of 6m / 20 feet for up to 60 minutes when sealed correctly.


    Never expose your case to extreme heat, like leaving your case on a car dashboard as it could potentially melt at temperatures above 45 degrees. Do not submerge in hot pools, spas, baths or hot springs that are above 45 degrees. Extreme temperatures could cause your case to leak and electronics don’t like extreme heat. In humid conditions or hot climates, we recommend inserting a silica gel sachet, which will soak up any condensation trapped inside the case. While the case can withstand high temperatures, the case can not protect anything inside it from heat or sunlight.

    Will my case float?

    Some phones will float and some won’t depending on how much air is trapped in the case. Always test that your phone floats in shallow water, never assume that it will float. A float or foam can be added to make the case float.

    Touch Screens

    Capacitive touch screens don’t work underwater, as water disrupts the connection. For underwater photos either start the video on the surface or use side buttons to operate your camera. Fingerprint recognition won’t work on all phones and you may have to enter your password.


    This case is TPU and is PVC free. 

    Common Sense:

    • Always inspect your case for potential faults, excessive wear or accidental damage before every use. If in doubt do not use and replace.
    • Check that the locking closure is completely free of sand, salt, dirt,dust and debris that may interfere with the waterproof seal. Rinse with fresh water if necessary.


    • Every case is checked and tested to IP68
    • This case is designed to be submerged to a depth of 6m / 20 ft for up to 60 mins

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